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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beauty Of Bureaucracy


A term that raises uncomfortable situations. Everyone has been aware of bureaucracy and is often associated with the government. Quite painful.

There is no an 'end' with bureaucracy. Since I first entered the field work of this government, I often face problems simply because of the bureaucracy. I've to wait until 4 to 5 days just to get the graffiti of signatures. Then, at the end...I'll be blamed.

Sometimes I was also thinking of leaving the service. Not because I don't have the potential and capability in carrying out the instructions given, but because of bureaucracy. But don't worry .. I'll keep trying to face it to ensure that my life objectives will be achieved and I'm able to serve for the sake of nation, religion and country.

Changes are needed along with the times. The present generation should think about improving the service phase. We are no longer located in the old notch, but in modern times that requires us to be more productive and efficient in ensuring the best services. Bureaucracy is great ... as long as it doesn't inconvenience everyone and do not neglect the proper assistance.

Think about it.

Maro says: " Got headache when thinking about the uncertainties in my life'..aduyai!!!

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