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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Its good to shut up sometimes".

"its good to shut up sometimes"..

This quote is hilarious to me..Haha
But its serious!, though it is good to shut up sometimes. Often we're too quick to react or reply in anger or upset. Often we say things we later regret...things that hurt other people. I've learned that sometimes shutting up, pondering things and cooling down is teh best way to go. Trust me!!

Another words..

"When doing becomes infused with the timeless quality of Being, that is the success".

Hurm...what can i say?? Keep thinking....

Ok.. being lost in ur mind, or being ego-oriented has to do with being attached to forms...things...circumstances. Somehow being lost in BEING has to do with being aware that what you are is consciousness. It has to do with being present in the moment, not tied to external things, not focused solely on the doing and striving for success in outward things. Doing comes from BEING. Its infused with BEING..

da answer is...that's SUKSES!!!

Maro says: "Remember, u're braver than u believe, stronger that u seem and smarter than u think"..

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