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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Budaya dan Kemestian

Inilah budaya kita..
Tidak bermaksud untuk memperkecilkan kejayaan yg dikecapi tetapi sekadar renungan supaya semua berfikir sejenak. Kerana kita pernah mengalami akibatnya.
So what i wanna say is.. don't spoil our team with lucrative rewards!


The Malaysia football team's success in the Suzuku Cup lifted the gloom surrounding local soccer for da past three decades and PM rewarded the team abundantly.
Da issue is, one shouldn't praise the team sky high as South East Asian and South Asia football standards are the lowest in the world, and one is hard pressed to gauge the country's truly international form and status.

Its right that the FAM build up this team for future as the players are young and should peak in 2 to 5 years. One can see flashes of SuperMokh in this team. There is much hope if the training and coaching programmes are executed competently and the team is disciplined and not spoil by various lucrative rewards.

I totally agree that money has been a major spoiler and detriment to local football and its hoped that the FAM has learnt a valuable lesson from this experience and that the funds will be well utilized to mould the team into a regional powerhouse and also to reorganize football at the local, state and national levels to increase the reservoir of footballers with good skills. It will be difficult for Malaysia to catch up with teams in East and Central Asia and the Middle East. But we must try to regain our past glory. A new generation can ignite a revival, just as in the 1960s and 1970s. Let us think thoroughly bout it...

Maro says: What happen to Hafiz Hashim??.. (after a lucrative reward)..respect to Datuk Nicol David

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