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Thursday, September 27, 2012

2018 FIFA World Cup : Malaysia conquer the world!!

Have you ever imagine that small football team like Malaysia become FIFA World Cup champion?

Nothing is impossible. :)

2018 FiFA WORLD CUP @ Russia: Da Beginning of Malaysian Tigers Epic!!


#1: Group 4

Malaysia drawn with England, Czech Republic, and Senegal in Group 4. For sure, early predictions expect England and Czech Republic will qualify to the next round.  Malaysia? This is the first time Malaysia qualified for the finals stage.


1st match -  Against SENEGAL

Terrible start! Red card for Fadhli Shas

But the first shock in the tournament. Malaysia manage to beat Senegal (2-0)

 2nd match - Against CZECH REPUBLIC

#3: MAS vs CZECH

Second match. Quite tough since Malaysia won the first match and Czech aims for the first win.

#4: Unexpected! Malayan Tiger won the match

Again! Malaysia won the match with 2-0 and qualified to next round.

3rd match - Against England

The final battle to determine who will lead the Group 4. Is there any surprise happen in this match?

#5: Malaysian Tiger vs Three Lion
#6: Penalty awarded to Malaysia

#7: Malaysia lead the match with 1 goal by Mat Yo

#8: Final score. MAS 1 - 4 ENG

However, Malaysia is still far behind Three Lions. They lost 1-4 even they lead the match for a moment. Moved to the second round. Epic!

#9: Stable standing after 3 matches


#10: Match Draw


#11: The one and only Asian team in the 2nd round

MAS 2 - 0 POR

Final score: Malaysia 2 - 0 Portugal. Moved to Quarter Final.

against Romania.

#12: ROM vs MAS

Two underdog teams in quarter final after ROMANIA show the way out to PARAGUAY. Another unexpected result.

#13: Scorer of the match.
#14: MAS 3 - 0 ROM
 Malaysian Tiger move to semi final with 3 goals without reply. Awesome!


Meeting World and EURO Champion like Spain is not a good draw for Malaysia. Is this the last match for Malaysian Tiger in this tournament? 

#15: MAS vs SPAIN

#16: Another epic created in WC history.

#17: MAS 1 - 0 SPAIN

Nothing is impossible and nobody's expected! First Asian team in FIFA World Cup final.


MALAYSIA lost to ENGLAND (1 - 4) in the group stage. Will they fight for the revenge in this match? C'mmon check it out!!

#18: MAS vs ENG

With the spirit of Hang Tuah among all the Malaysian Tiger's players, MALAYSIA show the world that they are the NEW WORLD CHAMPION.  5 -1!!

#19: 2018 FIFA World Cup Champion!!!

Congratulation!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!

#20: Goal Ranking

Maro said: "Thats all. Thanks for reading. Saje wat kut omputeh sikit biar Sepp Blatter paham kalo die bace blog ni. haha..TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA. (Malays will never vanish from the face of the earth)



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