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Friday, April 26, 2013

Treasury Transformation Programme (TTP)

Tomorrow's Treasury, Today

Malaysia is transforming towards a high-income nation and has embarked on a set of comprehensive programs to realise this ambition.

Treasury is one of the most important functions of the Malaysian Civil Service and a key agency supporting our nation's transformation goal
  • Treasury distributes and monitors Government resources and manages financials

Case for Change
Treasury is operating in an increasingly challenging environment which includes imperative to realise fiscal consolidation while sustaining economic growth and macroeconomic environment increasingly fast-changing and volatile.

Apart from that, over the years Treasury's function have expanded to include activities that may not be within its defined source and / or scope of authority with risk of diluting its effectiveness to deliver its core mandate.

Stakeholders have echoed desire for Treasury to transform, including:
  • Call for fiscal reform including the review of the entire tax framework
  • Desire to see further improvements in efficiency of Treasury

So? Main objective of TTP?
Given this, Treasury now intends to develop and implement a comprehensive TTP and become the premier agency spearheading the management of the nation's finance and economy.

Tomorrow's Treasury will be the core institution in the Government's management of the nation's wealth and well-being

TTP's 5 Clusters
  • Role of Treasury
  • Leadership in Fiscal Strategy and Discipline
  • Re-engineering Key Process
  • High Performing Culture
  • Talent Management

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